Take it off!’ Claudia Winkleman slams The One Show for airing ‘disgusting’ photo

On Friday, hosts Alex Jones and Ronan Keating were joined by Strictly Come Dancing’s Claudia Winkleman on The One Show. The vivacious TV presenter, who is preparing to go on tour for the first time, told BBC viewers about her new UK show, Claudia Winkleman: Behind The Fringe. The show promises lots of chatting, a sing-along, and even fringe trimming so audience members can have hair styled to look just like the host. Meanwhile, Claudia slammed the BBC talk show for airing an old photo of the radio DJ without her iconic brunette fringe.

Before she settled on her trademark look, Claudia rocked a totally different style.

Host Alex began: “We know you’re attached to the fringe [but] there was a time when there wasn’t a fringe. Let’s look at the picture.”

Unable to keep her composure, Claudia responded: “Let’s not.”

A photo appeared in the studio of the journalist without her fringe, taking a bite out of a slice of pizza for an old photoshoot.

The TV star swiped: “Is it actually me? What am I doing? That’s disgusting. Let’s take it off.”

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In a previous interview, the star explained why her fringe is so important to her. 

Claudia, 50, revealed: “I don’t want to be cute or sexy. I want to be Yves in Lyons. It helps with ageing.

“My face is falling off… I don’t care. I love getting old but I will still be the orange one with the fringe,” she told The Sun.

Taking on a new venture, the film critic also discussed her upcoming tour, which is scheduled to run in April and May this year in venues across England.

Speaking on The One Show, the BBC Radio 2 DJ quipped: “The main thing is, thank you for having me [but] whatever you do, don’t come.”

Claudia’s response triggered both Alex and Ronan along with fellow guest and comic Tom Davis to burst out into hysterics.

Tom turned to Claudia and laughed: “I love how you’ve come on to The One Show to tell people not to come.”

Claudia added: “Can I just say, I will feel so responsible for the people that are there.

“I will make sure they have a good time whatever happens, whether I need to go back to their houses and clean it, or hand out sweets, we are doing fringe trims, whatever I can do to make it up to them,” she told BBC viewers.

Speaking about the tour, Alex wondered: “Is it ‘An Audience With’ though?

“Yeah, it’s basically ‘An Audience with’, there will be some chatting, eyeliner and there will be singing at the end, of course, otherwise, why go out?”

In jest, Claudia giggled: “If you can’t sing Let It Go [Frozen], that’s not even going out, that is just staying in.”

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