Tesco makes major change to checkout tills despite customer fury – 'boycott them!'

User @economics21st commented: “I hate the self-checkouts; always go to a person manning a till, say “hello”, and maybe have a short conversation. And they put the shopping through efficiently.”

User @pipedog21 wrote: “I was at the supermarket today and it seemed like more people were using the tills than the self serv which was great to see!”

Yvonne O’Connell said: “Never used a self-checkout in any shop…don’t care how long the queue is l don’t work there so l expect to be checked out by a human.”

User @suffolkroyal wrote: “I’ve never used them. I’d rather stand in a queue for ten minutes than use them. And from the amount of people who queue with me, it’s clear I’m not the only one.”

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