Tesla Model S Long Range loses several miles of range after Musk event

Less than six hours after Tesla’s delivery event for the new top of the line Model S Plaid on Thursday night the automaker reduced the estimated range of the entry-level Model S Long Range without explanation.

Prior to the event, the Model S Long Range was listed with a 412 mile range between charges, which Musk referenced during the event, but is now listed at 405 miles.

“In the dual-motor configuration it’s got a 412-mile range,” Musk declared before laughing in response to something an audience member said and adding “420 give or take. That joke will never end.”

Musk often uses the 420 number, which is a reference to marijuana, and was fined by the SEC in 2018 for falsely stating on Twitter that Tesla had “funding secured” to go public at $420 per share.

Neither Musk nor Tesla has offered an explanation for the updated figure and the EPA has not yet listed the two new versions of the Model S on its Fueleconomy.gov website.

The Model S Long Range has a starting price of $79,990 and Tesla says it can accelerate to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds compared to the tri-motor $139,990 Model S Plaid, which can do it in under two seconds.


Tesla has not said exactly when deliveries of the Model S Long Range will begin.

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