Texas train crash: Oil tanker collision sparks massive explosion – Fireball erupts

A train carrying oil tankers collided with an 18-wheeler truck around 6:45 on Tuesday morning in the town of Cameron, Texas. This happened near Highway 190 and resulted in a devastating fireball. The oil tankers exploded on impact with the semi-truck and has burnt down at least one home in the vicinity as a result of the subsequent fires.

Both the truck driver and the train conductors survived with only minor injuries.

Milam County Sherrif, Chris White has provided an update on the investigation at the scene.

He insisted the crash was to be considered a “hazmat situation” due to the fact the train was carrying hazardous material.

Mr White added the cars with that hazardous material were unaffected in the crash by the “grace of God”.

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He noted that a team had already moved in to get the materials away from the raging fire.

Officials have estimated that 13 to 15 train cars carrying petroleum, coal and rocks were involved in the crash.

First responders were said to be waiting for the flames to die down before attempting to put out the blaze.

Homes in the area have been evacuated and officials have urged the public to avoid the area as they attempt to get the fire under control.

“Everything is good and there are no hazards to the people of the community.

“There are no injuries that I am aware of.

“We do have some elderly people that we have evacuated from their homes and it does appear that one home has burned down.

“Other than that, everybody seems to be safe and good.”

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