The 5 gardening jobs for June – everything you need to do for a thriving summer garden

Summer is one of the most rewarding seasons for gardeners, with everything from fruits and vegetables to bright blooms at their peak. Taking care of your garden throughout June is crucial to keep plants, grass and crops thriving, but what exactly should you be doing? These are all the gardening jobs you need to do this month for the perfect summer display.

Maintain your lawn

The lawn is the centrepiece of the garden, and can often change the entire look of your outdoor space.

Keeping it cut throughout June is a constant job, but it is definitely worth doing if you want to achieve a sleek and inviting finish.

Mowing should be done at least once a week to encourage new grass shoots which will leave your lawn looking thick, healthy and lush.

You may need to water your lawn in June too if the weather is particularly warm and fertiliser won’t go amiss for an extra boost of nitrogen.

If you do notice that your garden grass is crunchy or dry, it is important to raise the height of your mower for a while to avoid stressing or damaging the roots.

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Sow fresh fruits and vegetables

There are plenty of jobs to do on existing plants in your garden in June, but it is also a great time to keep adding to vegetable patches, beds and borders for the rest of the year.

Pumpkins and squashes can be sown now in time for a Halloween harvest, while late seed potatoes, courgette, tomatoes and sweetcorn can also be planted out.

Continue to plant salad crops throughout the month and sow green runner or French beans in lines to fill garden borders.

It is crucial that you keep fresh crops well-watered this month, so keep an eye on the soil moisture when the weather is particularly warm.

Prune shrubs and perennials

If you haven’t cut back your box bushes or hedges already, this month is your last chance to do so.

Frames are a great way to prune accurately while maintaining a neat shape.

Deadheading is essential this month for your perennials and bulbs, to take the time to pick spent blooms from:

  • Roses
  • Cosmos
  • Sweet peas
  • Tender geraniums
  • Knautias

This simple task takes just a few minutes and will keep your flowers looking full and vibrant for longer.

Spring bulbs such as snowdrops and bluebells can be divided now, as long as the leaves have started to go yellow.

Simply dig up the bulbs, divide them carefully either into individual bulbs or small batches and plant them again, allowing plenty of space for them to grow.

Hardy geraniums, alchemilla, and other early flowering perennials can be cut back very hard this month to help them re-grow with a fresh flush of blooms.

Plant new perennials

For newly planted perennials, you should keep an eye on the soil moisture to ensure the bulbs aren’t drying out once dug into the soil.

The sun can be particularly strong in the afternoon, so make sure they’re able to grow in the warm weather by giving them plenty to drink.

Summer bedding can also be sown right now and is perfect for borders and hanging baskets.

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