The Games viewers 'switch off' as they blast Holly Willoughby's 'car crash' ITV show

Swarms of ITV viewers took to Twitter to hit out over the programme, with Tim Neal venting: “What a load of rubbish. I switched it off after 5 minutes. I want to watch something entertaining in the evening like drama or comedy, not b****y sport! #TheGames #ITV.” 

Virgil fumed: “Car crash start: Z listers, amateur dancers, cringey opening, all talk and no action, 85 presenters and tears. 

“The worst of British television and the dumbing down culture. Just waiting for the first dramatic injury.” 

Becky Ives added: “2 minutes of the games, 20 minutes of adverts and 38 minutes of talking shite and watching clips of them train. Car crash tv #TheGames” (sic) 

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