‘The joy of being the third-born!’ Fan frenzy as Louis divides opinion with Jubilee antics

William and Kate’s four-year-old stole the show during the Jubilee Pageant show on Sunday with his hilarious facial expressions – as well as his brilliant reactions during Trooping the Colour last Thursday. Fans have loved every moment of it, although some have described the Prince as “naughty”, wrote author Christina Hopkinson. Writing for the Telegraph, Ms Hopkinson said Louis’ sense of humour could be attributed to the fact he is the third-born child of the Cambridges, and enjoys all the benefits of being so.

Praising the Prince, she wrote: “All hail Prince Louis, the little face-pulling, raspberry-blowing, mother-baiting pre-schooler.

“His antics on the Buckingham Palace balcony and in the royal box during the Jubilee Pageant rivalled only Paddington Bear in scene-stealing appeal.

“Cheeky, mischievous and naughty are just three of the adjectives that have been applied to his performance.”

She sympathised with the Duchess of Cambridge, adding: “There can’t be a parent alive who isn’t glad that they haven’t had to control a four-year-old in the full glare of the world’s attention.”

While Ms Hopkinson conceded that Prince Louis’ age and his upbringing during lockdown will have made him “markedly less prepared for the social niceties of primary school”, the key factor was that he was the third-born child and the youngest.

The author argued the “accepted wisdom of birth order is that the oldest are the responsible and anxious ones, the middle ones are people-pleasers and the youngest are feckless risk-takers.”

This, Ms Hopkinson states, has already applied perfectly to William and Harry – with the former “once described as always looking like he was on the verge of tears”, while the latter “looked like he was about to burst out laughing”.

The trend continues with the three Cambridge children.

She wrote: “George already gives the impression of bearing the weight of history, preternaturally serious in his suits.

“Charlotte, the middle born, tells her younger brother when he needs to wave at the crowds.

“Louis might share that spectacularly neat side parting and those old-fashioned clothes with George, but little else in his demeanour.”

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The commentator went on to quote Dr Kevin Leman, an American psychologist who said: “babies of the family are social and outgoing, they are the most financially irresponsible of all birth orders… studies show that the lastborn is least likely to be disciplined and the least likely to toe the mark the way the older children did”.

Whatever the cause, Prince Louis’ antics were met with an outpouring of love from Royal fans.

Social media saw a flurry of comments on his appearance, with one writing: “Prince Louis being iconic as always”.

Another added: “I have loved seeing Prince Louis these last 4 days he is so cute and like any other 4 year old behaved as I would have expected after such a long few days.

“The Duchess of Cambridge showed patience and calm throughout, there were also some very loving moments between them.”

A third added: “Prince Louis is a little legend.”

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