The Repair Shop expert Will Kirk details tragic start to career 'Didn't go down well'

It hasn’t always been an easy road for The Repair Shop’s resident woodwork connoisseur. Getting things off the ground proved a challenge in the early days for Will Kirk, until a heartbreaking tragedy turned his world upside down.

Following the death of his father, Will shared with fans where he got his money to start up his own business.

He revealed he first studied antique restoration, and then worked for London based furniture restorers before packing it in and going out on his own.

Using his inheritance, he secured himself a workshop and put his skills learned to the test.

He explained: “My father had passed away and I inherited a bit of money but not too much that I could go wild but enough for me to get a workshop and print out some flyers.”

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Sharing what happened next, Will revealed how he secured his slot in what would become the popular BBC One programme was quite strange.

He told the TV Carpenter podcast: “He recorded me on camera, I didn’t hear anything for about five, six months and then I got a phone call saying ‘We’re developing a show.

“Do you mind if we come with you to drop off some furniture, film the people that you’re dropping off for and record you fixing things,’ and then two months later, ‘Do you want to be on the show?'”

Since hitting screens in 2017, Will has called The Repair Shop home and has never looked back.

Becoming a much-loved cast member, the 37 year-old often has guests in tears at his restoration work.

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