The Rising stars share views on the afterlife after starring in supernatural drama

The Sky miniseries follows the story of Neve Kelly (played by Clara Rugaard) who wakes up in the middle of the wilderness to discover she is dead and her family cannot see nor hear her. As the supernatural series unfolds, Neve sets it upon herself to try and discover who murdered her and get justice. Ahead of the drama airing, its actors opened up about their thoughts on the afterlife. 

Emily Taaffe portrays Neve’s grieving mother Maria Kelly in the eight-part series and Matthew McNulty plays her estranged father Tom Rees. 

After Neve realises she has been killed, she tries to reach out to her loved ones but she is invisible to them. 

Emily and Matthew recently spoke to and other media about whether they believe in the afterlife which is a theme throughout The Rising. 

Irish native Emily said: “I think there is more to it than we can see. I’ve had a few, not like Casper the Friendly Ghost coming into the room or anything, but I’ve had a few strange experiences. 

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“[You know how Robins are manifestations of loved ones?] I’ve had that where after I have lost a person and a Robin has flown into my home and it’s made me feel quite comfortable and happy to have a reassuring presence. 

“I just think there is a lot we don’t understand about the world, so who knows?” 

However, a more sceptical Matthew said: “You can really feel people giving you their energy and there are people who pull energy out of you. 

“But the supernatural aspect of things… Have I had anything that would make me a true believer – no.” 

In the series, Neve is seen to emerge from a lake as she returns from the afterlife to help those investigating her death to find her killer.

The hologram was inspired by new research commissioned by Sky which found 42 percent of Britons believe in life after death with a further 63 percent admitting to believing they have been guided through life by a deceased loved one.

The data revealed the top five “signs” people think can indicate a spirit include, sensing a presence in a room, dogs acting strangely and seeing spiritual symbols such as birds. 

One person who was taken aback by the hologram of Neve was Derwentwater resident Daniella Hope who said:  “I woke up to take a walk by the lake as I do most mornings and was stunned to see a ghostly figure coming out of the water. 

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