The Sandman's Corinthian star details 'offputting' part of role

The Sandman is on Netflix now and the fantasy drama was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s comic books of the same name. The Corinthian (played by Boyd Holbrook) is the show’s main antagonist who is known for taking the eyes of the people he murders. Boyd spoke to and other press about the one thing he was sceptical of.

The Sandman fans have already started binging their way through the small screen adaptation, starring Tom Sturridge as the title character.

Dream is on a mission to rebuild his kingdom, which fell apart when he became trapped in the waking world.

All the while, The Corinthian was on a serial killing spree during his hunt for the Vortex.

Boyd Holbrook said he was nervous about embracing the character’s physical attributes in the series.

The character is known for having teeth as eyes, and he wears dark glasses to conceal his true identity.

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He said: “It’s really one thing that was offputting to me about the character.

“I kept having conversations with Allan Heinberg [screenwriter] about how is this going to work.

“Acting is in the eyes, all that stuff. I was like, ‘is this really going to come across?’

“I think I had worn sunglasses in a previous film and he’s like ‘see, you have done it already.'”

After giving the dark glasses a chance, the star learned to love the look.

He opened up about how he was excited to play the ‘bad guy’ of the series.

The star said: “When I told my friends about it I got this idea he was this really wild character.

“And the more we rehearsed it and worked on it, it became more like a Silence of the Lambs tone.

“He has been around for ages, he has become a connoisseur of all things.”

In the series, The Corinthian tried to capture Rose Walker (Vanesu Samunyai) who was revealed to be a Vortex.

Newcomer Vanesu said her character provided the “human perspective” to the series.

She added: “I think she also has a non-human quality to her as well which was fun to play with.

“I didn’t think too much about her humanity compared to everyone else but it was nice to be that regular person.

“It provides that balance because it’s fantasy but it explores so many themes.

“It ties us to the waking world in a personal way and you are experiencing what she is learning about.”

The Sandman is on Netflix now.

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