The Walking Dead season 11, episode 17 cast: Who is the AMC series?

R.J. Grimes – Antony Azor

Antony Azor is another young cast member in the role of R.J. Grimes with the post-apocalyptic series marking his screen debut.

Mrs Martens – Korbi Dean

Korbi Dean is Commonwealth resident Mrs Martens with the actress also featuring in The Glorias, The Act, and The Riches.

Mr Martens – Preston James Hillier

In the role of husband, Mr Martens is Preston James Hillier, who has acted in General Hospital, Interrogation, Nashville, Magnum P.I., and MacGyver.

Other cast members in Lockdown include D.J. Stavropoulos as Kasey, Jimmy McAfee as Alexandria Resident, Michelle Morano as Alexandria Resident, Rachel Hernandez as Oceanside Resident, and Keely McAllister as Oceanside Resident.

The Walking Dead season 11 airs on AMC on Sundays in the US and FOX UK on Mondays at 9pm in the UK

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