Three children – like Kate and Wills – is out of fashion but a big family is an utter joy

It is tempting to believe that parenting each new child will be easier – after all, once you have seen one tantrum surely you have seen them all?

Well, let me burst that bubble for you … while it is true that the experience of bringing up one child certainly prepares you for a lot of what is to come with each subsequent baby (sleepless nights, thrown food, chickenpox etc), each child can only display a certain number of the characteristics available to small humans and each new member of our tribe will delight us with a whole new set of challenges we have not encountered before.

I found having three children a breeze – the two older boys were best mates and played happily together leaving me to enjoy the baby with all the confidence I lacked first time around and the anxiety about creating jealousy I had second time around.

I had always wanted four children and spent my entire fourth pregnancy stating how easy I expected it to be seeing as three was so much easier than having one or two children. And then my fourth son came along and wiped that smug look right off my face.

He managed to come up with every exasperating behaviour that I had never experienced with the first three boys and I felt like I was starting again from scratch.

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