'Time is money!' Boris Johnson faces humiliating end as business rage over crisis inaction

Senior political campaign director Peter Barnes condemned Boris Johnson for not taking action over the ongoing cost of living crisis and stressed the way the outgoing Prime Minister has approached the crisis is “just kind of saying it’s not my problem anymore”. Mr Barnes suggested it might be better to end the Tory leadership contest earlier to allow the next Prime Minister to act immediately to tackle the current crisis and stressed that “for these weeks, time is money”.

Mr Barnes told GB News: “I’m not particularly happy with Boris and Number 10 at the moment, where they just seem to be sat on their hands saying ‘we’re just going to wait for the next guy’.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s going to wash with a great number of people.

“For once I’m actually in agreement with Nicola Sturgeon, I do think the action is needed now.

“Families are feeling the pinch now, it’s only going to get worse as we’ve already seen the Bank of England’s forecasts over inflation.

“Realistically, there is not a lot that Boris can do at the moment because anything he does put in place it’s more than likely either it’s going to be overturned or it’s going to be rechecked around by whoever becomes the next Prime Minister.”

he continued: “However, it’s the way that Number 10 has approached this, it’s just kind of saying with the hands up in the air ‘it’s not my problem anymore’.

“I think this is what a lot of people will have a problem with, I think a lot of people understand we’ll wait for the next Prime Minister because it’s not that far away, but it’s just the messing of it that has been pretty terrible.”

GB News presenter Isabel Webster asked: “Would it be better to say, ‘let’s call it a day on this race to become Prime Minister and get on the business of the day’?”

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