'Time wasters' A Place in the Sun viewers in uproar after couple's sudden U-turn

Following the episode, viewers took to social media to comment on Paul and Julia’s decision.

Many branded the couple, “time wasters” as they couldn’t make up their minds.

User @Hydrogenhill penned: “I’ve lost the will to live now #aplaceinthesun.”

“Waste of time! #aplaceinthesun,” Andrew raged as Ian simply wrote: “Timewasters #aplaceinthesun,” (sic)

While Tina added: “What a surprise. Messers. Boringly tedious messers.” (sic)

Edwards commented: “Most elaborate excuses #aplaceinthesun EVER!” (sic)

User @Shrimpsy went on to add: “Boom, messers !! #aplaceinthesun.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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