'Too aware of minefield' Piers Morgan's wife Celia slams Jamie Oliver over 'woke' advisor

Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden has hit out at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver after he revealed that he has recently hired a team of “offence advisors” to look over his recipes for content that could be branded offensive. Writing in her column for The Telegraph, the wife of the former Good Morning Britain presenter, 46, spoke candidly about Jamie’s decision to hire the team of “cultural appropriation specialists”, who she likened to “bomb disposal experts” tasked with “short-circuiting un-woke material” before it goes public.

Celia made the comments a day after Jamie explained his reasoning behind enlisting a team of “offence advisors”, who the journalist has claimed have been tasked with “going through his recipes with a fine tooth comb.”

Relaying the responsibilities of the “offence advisors”, Celia explained that the “new breed of professionals are trained like sniffer dogs to detect even the faintest whiff of explosively un-woke material in anything that might be publicly shared, from company reports and social media posts to university lectures, early drafts of books, songs, screenplays and art works”.

She added that “like bomb disposal experts, these guys (and gals, and agender, bigender and cisgender identifiers, I’ve been advised to add) will zoom in and short-circuit any ‘problematic material’ before it detonates.”

The journalist claimed that the move comes years after the father-of-five sparked backlash with one specific product.

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She wrote: “The 46-year-old TV chef is all too aware of the woke minefield we’re now forced to navigate daily, after having stepped on one back in 2018, when he started peddling a Punchy Jerk Rice in supermarkets.

“And although Oliver and his £2.30 microwavable rice survived the furore – one that largely confined itself to the digital universe specialising in ‘fauxffence’ – the country’s best-selling non-fiction writer is no longer taking any chances.”

Celia went on: “He knows that his 2012 Empire Roast Chicken – seasoned with turmeric, cumin, coriander and garam masala – would be unacceptable, if not career-ending today.”

Four years ago, the celebrity chef came under fire after calling a new product “punchy jerk rice”.

Speaking about his decision to hire the team of specialists, Jamie explained how he didn’t want to “offend anyone”.

He said: “Your immediate reaction is to be defensive and say, ‘For the love of God, really?’

“And then you go, ‘Well, we don’t want to offend anyone,'” he told Sunday Times Culture magazine yesterday.

Jamie went on to admit that his “Empire roast chicken” would be “unacceptable” today, despite branding it a “b****y good recipe”.

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