Too Hot to Handle season 4 cast: Who is in the Netflix reality show? Full list

Season four of Too Hot to Handle will be premiering on December 7 with the first five episodes of the show hitting the platform. The second half of the series will be coming a week later on December 14 on Netflix. There will be a total of 10 new episodes in the new series of Too Hot to Handle.

Once again, 10 singletons from around the globe will be unknowingly entering the luxury villa in the Caribbean believing they will be taking part in a high-stakes reality show called Wild Love, which is being hosted by Saved By the Bell star Mario Lopez.

Little do they know, they are going on Too Hot to Handle and will quickly get a shock with the all-seeing Lana watching the singletons as they have to abstain from sex to win a big cash prize.

Can this new bevy of romantic hopefuls stay away from both sexual contact and sexual gratification in a bid to form emotional connections – or will temptation prove to be too much?

Too Hot to Handle will see the contestants again put through their paces with some tasks to get to know each other on a deeper level with the sparks expected to fly.

Who is in the cast of Too Hot to Handle season 4?


Age: 22

From: Hawaii

Job: USA, Model 

Instagram: @Brittan_Byrd

Blonde beauty Brittan will be getting even more sunshine in the villa but doesn’t know what’s in store for her.

She is described as a “daddy’s girl” and is said to have figured men all out, however, Lana isn’t going to be fooled by her.


Age: 24

From: Perth, Australia

Job: Entrepreneur 

Instagram: @CreedMckinnon 

Oozing confidence and used to dating, Creed is said to be “anything but a typical bad boy”.

However, he’s quick to DM and ditch the girls without facing any consequences but Lana could force him to change his wild ways.


Age: 23

From: Colorado, USA

Job: Computer science student 

Instagram: @DominiqueDefoe

Dominique is not only easy on the eye, she has the brains to match and is on the lookout for love, often consulting tarot cards hoping to meet her next match,

However, Dominique will be getting more than she bargains for when she meets Lana, who will see if she can push herself and survive without relying on fortune telling.


Age: 23

From: Hawaii, USA

Job: Student and PT 

Instagram: @JamesPendergrass_

Charming party boy and basketball player James is very much single and ready to mingle with looks to kill.

He is a Lothario off-court but will be able to play by Lana’s rules in the villa?


Age: 28

From: Michigan, USA

Job: Artist 

Instagram: @NickKici

Hailing from a small town in Michigan, Nick has dated extensively as he’s trotted across the globe on various travels to the Philippines, Australia and Mexico to name a few.

He’s had more than 10 relationships, however, this could also change if Lana can assist him to form some deeper connections.


Age: 29

From: New Jersey, USA

Job: Entrepreneur and model 

Instagram: @NigelEuro_

Billed as something of a smooth talker, Nigel is all about keeping the fun going with the villa just an extension of this – or so he thinks.

However, the businessman will have met his match in AI Lana as she puts in place some strict rules.

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