'Too late!' Volodymyr Zelensky issues fresh call for West to impose Russian no fly zone

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sky News, the Ukrainian President spoke at length about the ongoing crisis and once again reiterated his call for the West to impose a no-fly zone. The interview came after officials said a maternity ward and children’s ward at a hospital in the southern city of Mariupol had been destroyed in a Russian airstrike.

Mr Zelensky described the attack on the facility as a “war crime”.

In the interview, he also accused countries of being indecisive on the issue of “closing” the skies against what he called “the Nazis”.

Speaking about Western nations, he said: “You can’t decide to close or not to close… you can’t decide.

“If you are united against the Nazis and this terror, you have to close.

“Don’t wait for me ask you several times, a million times.

“Close the sky.

“Close the sky and stop the bombing.”

Asked about concerns held by the West that a no-fly zone could escalate the conflict and bring about a direct confrontation with Russia, Zelensky said: “Worse for whom? For our families? No… For them..? Who knows? Nobody knows.

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The US and UK announced a ban on Russian oil on Tuesday.

The European Union has also said it will end its reliance on Russian gas.

But Zelensky said NATO allies should not have to tell people in Ukraine who lost their children “sorry we didn’t do it yesterday, one week ago”.

He added: “Yesterday the world did nothing… I’m sorry, but it’s true.”

According to the Ukrainian Government, 1170 civilians have been killed in Mariupol since Russia began its invasion two weeks ago.

When asked if he was willing to make a deal with Putin, Zelensky said that dialogue is always a compromise.

Ukraine alone cannot end the war, the Ukrainian President explained.

“It’s the decision of two countries and two peoples and the decision of two presidents – and one of them is Putin, so we’ll see.”

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