'Top choice!': Most fuel-efficient cars on the market including Vauxhall, Toyota and more

The latest data from RAC Fuel Watch shows that prices for petrol and diesel have stagnated after weeks of price drops. Many motorists have been paying attention to their fuel economy since the record-breaking fuel costs in July, with experts urging drivers to consider more efficient cars.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Yaris 1.5l hybrid engine battery charges every time the driver slows down and the petrol motor acts like a generator. This means drivers do not need to plug it in to charge it like a fully electric car.

It uses its electric motor 80 percent of the time and can be driven in pure electric EV mode with speeds up to 80mph, with zero emissions and zero fuel consumption.

This vehicle averages between 57.6mpg and 68.8 miles per gallon.

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Peugeot 308

The 1.5-litre BlueHDi diesel is a little more expensive than the petrol options in the range but does return better fuel efficiency on long journeys, with up to 76.3 – 91.1mpg, in the Active trim.

However, the petrol 1.2 Puretech 110 in the Active trim can get around 60mpg so it’s also a great fuel-efficient choice.

The vehicle ranges from £20,000 to £38,000, with most motoring experts ranking the car as being a reasonably-priced family vehicle.

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