Top 'rule breakers' in Royal Family have 'crazy' style choices the Queen 'doesn't like'

There are certain outfits and styles that we Britons can expect from our Royal Family, and others we simply cannot. However, there are a few royal ladies who like to deviate a little from the norm. Personal Stylist and Image Coach Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to about which two women are the biggest royal “rule breakers”.

Melissa started by explaining that there isn’t a strict list of what the Royal Family can and cannot wear but rather preferences and guidelines.

She told “Apparently, there isn’t really a protocol for royal dressing (except when it comes to special events) but there are definitely clothes and styles that the Queen likes and some that she doesn’t.

While the Queen probably isn’t telling anybody off for wearing certain garments, there are certain preferences she has regarding fashion, according to the stylist.

Melissa said: “Almost every woman in the royal family has broken these rules from time to time, except the Queen.

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“Two of the top rule breakers are Eugenie and Beatrice. Not surprising I think – they’re young and they’re not working royals so some of these dress code rules might seem a little outdated and irrelevant to them.”

Both Princesses have been spotted at Royal Ascot sans tights, and at public appearances wearing hemlines “way above the knee”.

Beatrice and Eugenie are known for their love of “crazy hats”.

Melissa explained: “This isn’t against any kind of rule really but all the Queen’s preferences point to family members wearing clothes that people can’t object to – the same can’t be said of these hats!”

Failing a bold hat, which “has to cover the whole crown of the head”, the Queen’s granddaughters love a stylish headband.


But on which occasions have the York sisters made the perhaps unfortunate swap from hat to headband?

“At Prince Philip’s memorial service, Beatrice wore a burgundy headband. Fashion forward but it definitely didn’t meet the rules.

“At Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Beatrice also chose a headband. It was a beautiful teal blue colour to go with her custom-made Roksanda dress but it was barely there,” Melissa said.

Perhaps the most interesting challenge to the Queen’s preferences was from Eugenie, who has been spotted “breaking two rules at once” by wearing a short, black outfit.

So according to the expert, what are the Queen’s particular likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion?

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It is well-known that HRH is great lover of Essie’s Ballet Slippers, a pale nail polish she has worn since the late 80s.

Consequently, “clear, nude or pale pink are usually seen on royal hands”.

When it comes to hair, the Queen likes a “neat” style and as for makeup, prefers “natural” over “dramatic”.

Regarding legs and feet, HRH favours hosiery over bare legs and does not “approve” of wedges.

As for clothing, “low necklines are out” and bare shoulders are “not exactly banned but probably not modest enough”.

Her Majesty prefers skirts over trousers – as long as said skirt has an appropriate knee-length hemline.

Head-to-toe black is a no-go, too, according to Melissa, although royals must have a black outfit on standby in case of a royal death.

So when it comes to the Queen’s preferences, there’s quite a lot to remember.

However, royals can still have fun with fashion even when they’re trying to please the Queen.

Melissa concluded: “In many ways the list of likes and dislikes makes perfect sense for people who are always in the public eye and don’t want to upset anyone.

“You can still have fun with this dress code. You could wear a fabulous Alexander McQueen skirt suit with seriously sharp tailoring and still be within the rules, for example.”

Melissa Lund is a personal stylist and image coach.

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