Tory leadership LIVE: 'Walked out the door!' Wallace slams Rishi as he backs Truss for PM

Ben Wallace, who was at first the party favourite to take over from Mr Johnson, has slammed Rishi Sunak and given his full support to the Foreign Secretary in the race to become the next Prime Minister. Referring to Mr Sunak’s abrupt Cabinet departure, Mr Wallace said: “I don’t have the luxury as Defence Secretary of just walking out the door — I have roles in keeping this country safe.

“And the guardian of the markets, you know, the guardian of our economy, is the Chancellor.”

He continued: “What you see is what you get with Liz and that is what the public wants more than ever at this moment.

“I’ve sat next to Liz in the Cabinet for two and a half years. I’ve sat next to her in National Security Councils. I’ve sat next to her at NATO and international summits. I’ve seen her in action.

“I don’t see any other candidate with that breadth of experience to begin with and these are not normal times.”

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