Truss channels inner Boris as she steps out of No10 in running gear ahead of conference

Liz Truss appeared to be channeling her inner Boris Johnson as she stepped out of No10 in her running gear in the midst of widespread criticism of her mini-Budget announcement last week.

The mini-Budget, announced by chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng last Friday, as been blasted for providing major tax cuts for the richest in the UK, and has been followed by the British pound’s value plummeting to its lowest level against the US dollar in history.

Mr Johnson was frequently spotted running around Westminster and once in Manchester, in outfits that attracted a great deal of bemused responses. 

However, it seems unlikely that Ms Truss’ running gear will be sufficient to overshadow the looming crisis emerging within her own party, as reports emerge of Tory MPs submitting letters of no confidence in the new PM just a week before the Conservative party conference is due to commence next week. 

The Conference, an annual event that takes place during the party conference season, when the House of Commons is in recess, will start this Sunday, October 2, in Birmingham. 

A former Tory minister did not mince words when he predicted the future of Ms Truss’ government, telling Sky News: “Liz is f*****. She is taking on markets and the Bank of England.”

The ex-minister added: “They are already putting letters in as think she will crash the economy. The tax cuts don’t matter as all noise anyway – mainly reversing back to the status quo this year.

“The issue is government fiscal policy is opposite to Bank of England monetary policy – so they are fighting each other. What Kwasi gives, the Bank takes away … You cannot have monetary policy and fiscal policy at loggerheads.”

The pound plummeted to its lowest level against the dollar since decimalisation in 1971, falling more than 4 per cent. It regained some ground to a 20-year low of $1.05 before recovering further to $1.075 just after 10am this morning.

Ms Truss’ response to the political crisis now surrounding her party will further indicate how similar she is to her predecessor beyond their habits of popping out for a run around the office. 

A Sunak-supporting source told the Guardian: “She truly is the heir to BoJo.

“Her team cut and paste policy, put something out in black and white, claim it’s been misinterpreted, and get Brandon [Lewis, a key ally of Johnson and now Truss] out to poop-scoop the next day.”

Likr Mr Johnson, Ms Truss had also avoided close scrutiny during the leadership contest that saw her way into No10. 

Mr Johnson avoided a grilling by the BBC’s Andrew Neil, unlike his rivals in the contest, while Ms Truss similarly refused the broadcaster’s offer of a sit-down interview with Nick Robinson – something which Rishi Sunak attended. 

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