Truss unveils radical Brexit master plan to end EU row – but bitter Brussels STILL furious

The Foreign Secretary announced new legislation in the House of Commons that would help end the friction caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol while still respecting the EU’s single market.

The plans would end the requirement for bureaucratic customs checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea to the province that have undermined the UK’s internal market since the end of the Brexit transition period.

Instead, goods which are travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland that are set to stay in the UK will be allowed to use a “green lane”.

Any companies found to be using the system to smuggle goods into the EU via the Republic of Ireland will be hit with heavy fines.

“The UK has proposed what we believe to be a comprehensive and reasonable solution,” Ms Truss told MPs today.

“Out proposed solution would meet both our and the EU’s original protections for the Protocol.”

But the EU appeared to reject the plans this morning, before they had even heard them.

The European Commission said Britain must continue negotiating based on the proposals put forward rather than introducing legislation without the support of Brussels.

Spokesman Daniel Ferrie told a press briefing in Brussels this morning: “I think our message is loud and clear: engaging with us on the basis of the proposals we put forward last October, engaging with us on those flexibilities, is a much better course than engaging unilaterally.”

Ms Truss’s announcement today came after more than six months of talks with the EU led to no progress.

More to follow…

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