Trying to rescue position! BBC host has Rishi Sunak on spot over pivotal tax U-turn

Mr Robinson said: “Last time you were talking to Justin over two weeks ago, you said I don’t cut taxes to win elections, I win elections to cut taxes.

“Now the reaction to your proposal has been… Look he thinks he’s going to lose to he’s brought up a big tax cut to try and rescue his position.”

Mr Sunak told Radio 4s Today programme: “No! No, defiantly not, this is entirely consistent with what I’ve been saying for a long time.

“And that’s why as Chancellor I set out a plan to cut income tax in Parliament already, the first penny off the basic rate in almost 15 years was something I announced as Chancellor.

“And what I’m talking about today is my desire to go further than that over time, and people should know that’s where I want to take the economy.

“I think hard work is really important to value, important to Conservative voters and members, I want to make sure that hard work is rewarded and the best way to do that is to keep cutting income tax over time, and that is what I set out a plan to do.”

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