TV station gets people with unusual laughs together on stage…the result is brilliant

A French woman suddenly broke into laughter on the set of the French TV show “C’est mon choix”, as she tried to explain the reason for it. Her contagious laughter had the whole audience and fellow TV panellists in stitches. In a desperate attempt to stop laughing, the woman breathed but failed and exploded again.

TV host Évelyne Thomas was presenting the show when the woman burst out laughing, with all TV members first left struck but then following her in laughter. 

Ms Thomas then asked a TV panellist: “If you are single, it is not because of your laughter?”

“I hope not,” the man said, erupting into dolphin-like laughter.

Shocked by the sound of his laughter, the audience again was left in stitches.

The entertainment French TV show “C’est mon choix” did a special edition on laughter, with the episode entitled: “My laughter does not go unnoticed.”

Upon hearing the man’s laughter, the woman sounding like a pig broke into another fit of laughter. 

All the other TV panellists, each with their unusual laughs, joined them with equally unusual giggles.

Every panellist has a picture of an animal above their head symboling the features of each of their laughter.

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