'Two decades of a career over a jab!?' Pierce savages anti-vax NHS midwife in mandate row

Liz Gunn told LBC that there was “not enough science” to convince her to get jabbed and that she was starting to prepare for a career change ahead of new rules being brought forward by NHS England which could see up to 80,000 health workers sacked from February 4 if they refuse the vaccine.

Under the plans, all frontline staff will be required to have both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by April 1, which means by February 3 the first of the two doses must have been administered.

If they have not done this, they face being kicked out of the health service with no redundancy pay or assistance to find new work.

Ms Gunn told the show: “I need to be able to tell my children that I didn’t say silent when I know that these mandates are not right and the science isn’t strong enough.

“We are the opposite of selfish… I need to be able to choose what is best for me because otherwise how can I advocate what is best for my patients?”

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She instead called on the NHS to consider “proper risk assessment”, “anti-body testung” and “better PPE” as an alternative to mandatory vaccines.

Asked whether she was willing to lose her job over her position, Ms Gunn said: “Yes… For me I starting to put things in place in preparation expecting to have to leave on the 31st March unless there is a U-turn.”

But Mr Pierce hammered: “Why are you going to give up nearly two decades over a jab, a jab which most people say has been vital in the battle against Covid?’

Ms Gunn claimed her antibodies and her “good strong immune system” were enough to protect her against the virus, adding it seemed “a bizarre concept” that she should therefore take a jab which “has side effects”.

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The comments come as NHS managers have been told they can move unvaccinated staff from the frontline of the health service into roles which do not involve direct contact with patients.

Six percent of NHS staff are still unvaccinated, with some Trust’s in England seeing 12-percent of staff without a jab.

Daniel Waldron, director of people at Barts Health NHS Trust, told the Evening Standard on Thursday that 1,600 of its 16,000-plus workforce still haven’t been jabbed.

Last year the Government estimated that 73,000 could be in line for the chop with health unions warning that if the plans go ahead it will have a “catastrophic impact” on the health service.

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In November social care staff were hit with the same “no jab, no job” rules which sparked concerns of 60,000 care givers facing the sack.

Thousands of NHS staff and campaigners took to the streets of London on Saturday to protest against the mandate plans.

48.1 million (71.5 percent) of Britons are fully vaccinated against Coronavirus.

On Friday a further 85,902 cases of COVID-19 were recorded, while a further 288 people died within 28-days of a positive COVID-19 test.

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