UK Covid cases spiral & expert cautions hospitals may 'collapse' – why are cases so high?

Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths are much higher comparably in the UK compared to other countries.

Professor Martin Michaelis, a virologist and professor of molecular medicine at the University of Kent, said Covid cases have been high in the UK compared to other developed nations.

He told “The level of COVID-19 spread is a consequence of our behaviour as a society. Other countries have done more to reduce the COVID-19 spread.

“The UK has generally responded late and not reduced the spread to the same low levels as other countries. Measures were only introduced when the health care system was close to a collapse.”

He said the UK does not have any formal measures in place now which prompts spikes in the virus and said it is irresponsible to assume vaccines alone will keep the pandemic under control.

Professor Michaelis added: “The UK has also lost its leading role when it comes to vaccinations, and vaccinations may simply not be enough to prevent an overload of the health care system.

“Hence, the Government may have to re-introduce restrictions to prevent hospitals from collapsing.”

However, the virologist also said it is not a simple matter when it comes to comparing Covid data – as nations approach it differently.

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