UK motorists warned of huge fines for driving a petrol or diesel car in France – new rules

From October 2022, France will create two additional categories for bicycles – those with protective panelling and “horizontal” bicycles. These bikes are lower to the ground and more difficult for motorists to detect, and are set to be banned on roads where speed limits exceed 50 km/h.

Any cyclists will also be able to use orange or yellow reflectors from October, as they were previously prohibited.

Signs banning the use of cruise control were repealed starting October 1, according to The Local.

Additionally, signs and “checkerboard” markings will be added in front of railroad crossings.

This is being done to help vehicles be more aware of where they cannot enter, especially if they are to be blocked in that space as a result of traffic.

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Previously it only concerned commercial vehicles and covers Crit’Air 3,4 and 5 vehicles (Euro 4,3 and 2).

However, fines will only start being given in January 2023, until then police will simply inform drivers of the new rules.

There are two different types of low emission zones in France, both of which require the sticker to be affixed on the right-hand side of the car’s windscreen. 

The permanent low emission zone is known as the ZCR and restricts access to certain vehicles based on the sticker, according to the RAC.

Paris, Grenoble and Strasbourg have permanent ZCRs, with the capital having the most stringent laws. 

In central Paris, only Euro 5, Euro 6 and Euro 4 vehicles can enter between certain times, in addition to zero-emission vehicles.

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