UK snow: Britain to turn white with up to 10cm snow expected TODAY – ‘Bitterly cold!’

WX Charts suggest snowfall for much of the UK over the course of the week, starting on Valentine’s Day. It will fall first in Scotland, then England and later Wales at the end of the week. According to the weather maps, parts of Scotland, such as Inverness, Aberdeen and Wick are likely to witness heavy snowfall of up to 10cm today.

According to maps from WXCharts, following a wet weekend soaking Britain in downpours up to 3mm an hour, snow will return to Scotland.

Clare Nasir, a meteorologist at the Met Office said: “Change in the weekend as cloud and rain and wind arrives.

“Before that, though, the air is turning steadily colder.

“The area of low pressure brought with its snow and gales is clearing towards the North Sea through Thursday night and into Friday.

“We then gain a ridge of high pressure, still some showers towards the far north and west.

“But the key feature of weather into Friday will be how cold it is.”

According to the Met department, the weather forecast between Sunday and Tuesday is going to be “unsettled”.

The department said: “Mild with wind and rain on Sunday, although probably more showery for northern Scotland.

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“It’s going to turn cold, bitterly cold in the countryside.

“Temperature could be as low as -4 to -10C across the highlands of Scotland. Into the weekend, the things look unsettled.

“Rain arrives and the wind will pick up, so expect gales across the north and the west. And then some heavier bursts of rain will arrive in England and Wales as we head into Sunday with showers across the far north as well as the west.

“Temperature is slightly more than what they have been. Even so it will turn colder yet again across the north west later on in the weekend.”

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