UK snow: Britons could see 3 inches of snow as cold snap brings -4C over the weekend

The UK could see snowfall from January 31, with Netweather anticipating there is between 80 and 100 percent chance of snow within high ground areas of Scotland. However, as Britain enters February, conditions are expected to remain wintry.

And there is still a chance parts of the UK could face a few inches of snow before the month comes to a close.

Alyssa Smithmyer, a meteorologist at US forecasting company Accuweather, said up to 3inches of snow could fall on Saturday.

She told “On Saturday and Sunday, a separate low-pressure system will bring the possibility of rainy spells over north and central regions of the UK, as well as the chance for wintry showers across northern Scotland, south-central Scotland and the higher ground in northern England late Sunday.

“The track of this storm will determine how widespread the rainy spells and possibly wintry showers may be.

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“If it shifts farther north, less precipitation will be likely across the UK.

“Amounts from this event will likely be light, with [the] highest amounts up to 1-3 inches in the high ground of northern Scotland.

“Any snow showers across south-central Scotland and the higher ground in northern England would likely bring little to no accumulation.”

Ms Smithmyer also suggested snowfall could cause problems for road users.

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She explained: “The lowest temperatures expected across the UK this week will be between tonight, Monday night and Sunday night.

“For tonight and Monday night, temperatures across the southern regions will be chilly and range from -2 to 2C for most residents.

“Meanwhile, across northern regions tonight and Monday night, temperatures across the higher ground will range from -3 to 1C.

“Then Sunday night, the colder temperatures will be generally in the northern regions and are predicted to range from -4 to 0C across the Highlands.

“On Sunday night, locations in southern England will not be as cold, predicted to range from 3-5C for most.”

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