UK weather: Brits brace for freezing Thursday with 5cm of snow as temperatures dip to -2C

Parts of Scotland could witness snowfall on Thursday, according to WXCHARTS. The weather website forecasts up to 2inches of snow, which is around 5cm, in the west of Scotland.

However, no other region or nation in the UK is expected to experience snowfall.

WXCHARTS also suggests Brits north of the border could wake up to freezing temperatures on Thursday.

North west Scotland might even see temperatures plunge to as low as -2C at 6am.

However, other corners of the UK are not expected to drop below 0C at the same time.

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Temperatures will then turn milder by 3pm.

Parts of Scotland could see mercury rise to 8C in places.

Some areas in England and Wales might be even warmer, with WXCHARTS indicating many places could experience temperatures of 10C.

The Met Office forecast suggests the UK should have a mainly pleasant week.

“Breezy especially around some coastal areas, temperatures expected to be mild for most after a rather chilly start to the day.

“Throughout the rest of the period, high pressure is likely to dominate. Most areas should be dry, although breezy at times particularly in southern and western areas.

“Temperatures expected to be mild to very mild for most, however, there may be the odd chilly spell in some eastern areas.

“The sunniest weather is expected to be in the south and east, but there is a risk of overnight frost and fog too.”

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