Ukraine warned no-fly zone to 'favour Russia' with weapon superiority 'Kyiv has little'

UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace dismissed the idea of implementing a no-fly zone enforced by NATO troops, as it would cause World War 3 if NATO troops began shooting down Russian planes. Global calls for a no-fly zone over Ukraine have been coming in fast, due to the continued bombing of Ukraine by invading Russian forces. The Defence Secretary also explained that Russia would still be able to bypass the no-fly zone due to them having a heavy stock of missiles at the ready.

Mr Wallace told BBC Radio 4: “The second point is the bombardment we’re seeing at scale on these cities are being done by missiles which aren’t affected by no-fly zones.

“And by heavy artillery which again are part of the Russian ground forces, so in some sense, a no-fly zone would favour the overwhelming scale of the Russian forces.

“Because they would be able to continue to use their missile stocks and their heavy artillery while Ukraine has very little of that.”

Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk got visibly upset during a press conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Ukrainian journalist demanded a no-fly zone be implemented, despite this action causing a European war.

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Ms Kaleniuk said: “Most of my family, most of my team members are still in Ukraine, in Kyiv, in Lviv.

“A woman from my team is now Berezivka and she’s there with two kids.

“The Russian military is over there and she’s so much afraid that she will be shot. Kharkiv, the city where I was studying, was bombed today.

“You’re talking about the stoicism of the Ukrainian people but Ukrainian women and children are in deep fear because of bombs and missiles coming from the sky.” 

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Ms Kaleniuk added: “The Ukrainian people are desperately asking for the West to protect our Sky.

“We’re asking for a no-fly zone, we’re told it will trigger World War 3. But is the alternative, Mr Prime Minister?

“Observe our children protecting NATO from missiles and bombs instead of playing? What’s the alternative to the no-fly zone?

“We have planes here, we have a defence system in Poland, in Romania, NATO has this air defence – at least this defence could shield west Ukraine so that this children and women could come to the border.

“It’s impossible now to cross the border, there’s 30km of lines. Imagine crossing a border with a baby or with two children.”


Ms Kaleniuk added: “Britain guaranteed our security under the Budapest memorandum, so you’re coming to Poland, not to Kyiv.

“You’re not coming to Lviv because you’re afraid, because NATO is not willing to defend. Because NATO is afraid of World War 3 but it’s already started.

“And these are Ukrainian children there taking the hit.”

The British Prime Minister echoed a similar sentiment to Mr Wallace: “I’ve got to be honest about that.

“When you talk about the no-fly zone, as I’ve said to (Ukrainian President) Volodymyr Zelensky, I think a couple of times, unfortunately, the implication of that is the UK would be engaged in shooting down Russian planes, would be engaged in direct combat with Russia – that’s not something we can do.

“I think the consequences of that would be truly very, very difficult to control.”

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