'Unacceptable!' Biden under fire as thousands face Thanksgiving foodbank misery in the US

Republicans have skewered Joe Biden’s Democrats this holiday season as soaring inflation has taken a bite out of Thanksgiving for millions of hard pressed Americans. Figures from the American Farm Bureau Federation show the average American will pay a whopping $64.50 for their roast – an increase of $10.74 on 2021.

The US Government also warned of a big shortage of turkeys, due to deadly avian flu outbreaks, which have contributed to the cost of poultry skyrocketing around 28 percent compared to this time last year.

As a result of record inflation, Republican politicians have used the holiday occasion to fire broadsides at the Biden administration’s record on the cost of living in the US.

Rep. Mark Green, Tennessee’s 7th congressional district, claims some of his constituents will pay 100% more for their Thanksgiving turkeys this year. He said: “Unacceptable. The economic plan of this administration isn’t working, and accountability is coming.’

Rep. Mike Johnson, Los Angeles’ 4th congressional district, fired on Twitter: “Inflation caused by Democrats’ reckless spending has made the cost of living for working families unsustainable. Thanksgiving dinner will cost on average 20 percent MORE this year! Bad policies have real consequences.”

Rep. Larry Bucshon, Indiana’s 8th congressional district, also shot at the Democrats, and said: “Under the Biden Administration, we have experienced some of the highest priced holidays on record due to the increased cost of living.

“This Thanksgiving is no different – Hoosiers continue to pay more for just about everything.”

Con. Debbie Lesko, for Arizona’s 8th District, added: “It is unacceptable that over 40 percent of Americans expect to cut some side dishes altogether this Thanksgiving.

“American families cannot afford President Biden’s cost of living CRISIS.”

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Meanwhile, David May, from Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, told Express.co.uk that before Covid-19, the organisation fed around 300,000 a month. That number now stands at more than 800,000 as more and more people fall on hard times.

Although the figure has dropped slightly from a record high of 1m during the pandemic, he said more needs to be done to bring the problem under control. “It’s still strange to us that unemployment has gone as low as it has and we haven’t seen a decrease,” he said. “So while we haven’t returned to the peak of the pandemic, the fact that we’re still at 800,000 with these unemployment numbers is still concerning to us.”

This Thanksgiving, the food bank has already estimated sending out “several truckloads” of turkeys and poultry, costing $55,000 each.

Mr May also told Express.co.uk that LA Regional Food Bank, a Feeding America organisation, was one that relied on donations, and only pays for three percent of its total produce.

Meanwhile, Feeding America found in a survey of 170 of its 200 food banks that 90 percent reported seeing increased or steady demand for services amid record food price increases as of September.

San Antonio Food Bank’s president Eric Cooper told USA TODAY: “With the demand being so great, the supply being so short, and inflation being high, it’s just a perfect storm for long lines at the bank.”

West Seattle Food Bank’s Executive Director Fran Yeatts also told the outlet the bank does not know how it can continue to afford serving at their current level due to inflation.
She said: “There’s more folks that need our services, but then on the flip side it’s harder for us to be able to purchase as much.”

Average Americans have also expressed their hardships this holiday, with Carmen, 56, from Edisto, South Carolina, telling Express.co.uk: “When I went grocery shopping it seemed like everything was twice as much as last year.
“The only thing that was inexpensive was the turkey, only because it was on sale.
“It doesn’t affect me as much but for someone on a low income, I can’t imagine how they would have the same Thanksgiving as last year.”

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