'Unionists have majority' Sinn Fein leader in tense exchange in unified Ireland probe

The pair became embroiled in a row after Susanna Reid suggested Unionist parties continued to hold a majority in Northern Ireland despite Sinn Fein winning the most seats in this month’s Assembly Election. Mary Lou McDonald insisted the victory handed her Sinn Fein a mandate to pursue a campaign for a referendum on a unified Ireland, which she predicted would happen in the next 10 years. But the Good Morning Britain presenter noted the DUP and other Unionist groups like the UUP and the TUV together held more seats.

Ms McDonald however pointed out that adding the votes of the other pro-referendum parties to those of Sinn Fein indicated a majority in favour of a vote for the reunification of Ireland.

She also insisted having a poll on bringing the two Irish nations together should not be seen with “dread” but rather as a “democratic opportunity” for all citizens.


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