'Unknown hack': Automatically get free gift cards at Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda

Chloe Carmichael is a deal hunting expert and money saving aficionado from Glasgow. The 29-year-old founded Chloe’s Deal Club in 2019. In it members share their best deals and offers.

She told Express.co.uk about a little known app that allows users to earn points towards gift cards their favourite shops.

“This is a relatively unknown hack,” the saving expert said

“There’s an app called Daali which my members and I love.

“It connects to your bank account via Open Banking then you automatically get rewarded when you shop with various brands.

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While many online coupon services require you to can receipts for discounts, this is not the case with Daali.

Instead, users link their back account to it and pay with it, earning points.

As well as the examples above, users can earn points at Sainsbury’s, Esso, UberEats, McDonald’s, Uber and Zara, among others.

The points can be converted to gift cards, experiences and local deals.

“You should find a code on Sainsbury’s website for £12 off your first £60+ online grocery shop.

“This means you’ll get £60 worth of shopping for only £48.

“It’s valid until 31 January (but it’s usually refreshed).”

Chloe shares her deals via her Instagram, @chloesdealclub, and her website chloesdealclub.com.

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