Urgent manhunt for ‘creepy’ doorbell knocker – mystery man striking between 2 and 4am

A couple in Stroud, Gloucestershire, have been targeted by the mystery doorbell ringer, according to an SWNS report. They claim to have been rung upon mainly on Thursday mornings.

The disturbance usually comes at between 2am and 4am.

A photo of the man has been released by police.

To date, he remains unidentified.

The mystery ringer is said to have struck a particular house at least three times a month.

On some nights, he is reported to have gone back for more.

It has not been revealed whether other homes have also been targeted by the man.

Questions are likely to abound as to why the man has found the need to commit such an act – not just once but on what appears to be a semi-regular basis.

The early-hours ringing has caused such levels of “distress” as to warrant the release of a Neighbourhood Alert.

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Those with information have been asked to reference the incident number “0484 – 13/01/2022”.

The photo of the culprit was retrieved through CCTV footage.

In it, the doorbell ringer can be seen wearing glasses and a baseball cap.

He also wears a zipped-up, hooded jacket.

The photo appears to have been taken in the dead of night – during which time the knocker is known to act.

Police say they are searching for the mystery ringer following reports of early-morning disturbances.

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