Urgent warning to Tesco shoppers over Clubcard scheme change

Tesco has issued a warning to Clubcard users as part of its popular Clubcard scheme is set to change within the coming weeks.

As of next month, Clubcard points will no longer be worth three times their value when spent on “Delivery Saver” plans. Instead, customers will instead only be able to redeem Tesco Clubcard points at their face value – meaning you’ll get less for your money.

At the moment, every 50p in Clubcard vouchers can be redeemed to get £1.50 off a delivery package when you convert your points to spend at a “Rewards Partner”.

The supermarket sent out an email on Monday warning shoppers about imminent changes, reports the Mirror. They were warned that they have until 10am on November 14 to claim their delivery codes before the changes comes into force.

As an example, it currently costs £83.88 for a 12-month anytime home delivery pass, or £14.94 for a six-month click and collect pass. Under the current scheme, where you can triple the value of Clubcard points, shoppers only need £27.96 worth of points for a 12-month pass, or £4.98 for the six-month click and collect pack.

When the scheme changes, you’ll need to fork out the full cost.

Unhappy customers took to the Scrimping on a Budget Facebook page where news of the change was shared. 

“Gutted! One of the main reasons I use Tesco,” said one Facebook user.

Another added: “I got the email too.. glad I stopped using Tesco… I always used Clubcard for saver”

Tesco has around 19 million Clubcard members across the UK. These members get access to a variety of perks – including a £3 meal deal discount, vouchers off their food shop and money off fuel.

But, as the festive season approaches, the supermarket also plans to help customers make the most of their Christmas shop through a Christmas Savers Scheme. The scheme will offer Clubcard users a bonus voucher of up to £12 when they save their Clubcard Vouchers towards their big Christmas shop.

Changes to the Delivery Saver scheme comes as Tesco have introduced price freezes on over 1,000 of their everyday products to help customers tackle rising costs in the lead up to Christmas.

The supermarket giant has also vowed to support staff through the rocky period, with plans to bump up its hourly rate from November 13. Tesco workers will now be paid a further 20p an hour, seeing the hourly rate go up to £10.30 – or £10.98 in London.

Tesco UK Chief Executive Jason Tarry said: “We know times are tough for many customers right now, particularly as we head into the winter months.

“We hope this extended price-lock commitment gives our customers the certainty of knowing that over a thousand household favourites will stay at the same great price for months to come – helping them budget when they need it most.”

From December 13 to 19, staff will also see their Clubcard discounts doubling to 20 per cent. 

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