US Lecturer killed by Russian sniper as he waited for BREAD – heartbreak for family

The American citizen is understood to have been killed yesterday, on Wednesday. He was in Ukraine to look after his sick partner.

Jimmy Hill, 67, was named as the deceased by his family after Secretary of State Antony Blinken today, on Thursday, confirmed the death of a US citizen in Ukraine.

Mr Blinken said: “We offer our sincerest condolences to the family on their loss.

“Out of respect to the family during this difficult time, we have no further comment.”

Mr Hill, originally from Idaho, was a lecturer in Kyiv.

He was in Chernihiv when he was killed to care for his partner.

The city is located in northern Ukraine and is currently reported to be under heavy fire from Russian forces.

Mr Hill’s partner, Ira, who is Ukrainian, was being treated for MS when she got trapped at a regional hospital, according to the Mail.

In a post on Facebook earlier this month, the lecturer wrote: “I went to market yesterday and bought food for kitchen staff, cabbage, garlic, carrots and onions.

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“Bombing has intensified – no way out.”

He appeared to hold onto the hope there would, at some stage, be a chance to leave the city.

In his last post, on Tuesday, he updated: “Intense bombing! Still alive.

“Limited food. Room very cold. Ira in intensive care.”

According to reports, Mr Hill was shot dead while he, along with others, lined up to buy bread at a grocery store.

Tributes have massed on social media for the US lecturer who lost his life while caring for his love – a reminder, not that one was needed, of the horror of war.

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