'Use every evening': Get rid of mosquitos this summer with 'pleasant' £2 home item

A pest expert from the eco-friendly pest control brand Green Protect, John Stewart, exclusively told Express.co.uk there are three simple ways to banish mosquitos from the house and garden.

John explained: “Like other bugs and insects, the female mosquito is the more deadly of the species, as they require the blood from bites to help with egg production.

“Females need freestanding, stagnant water to lay their eggs, which means there are plenty of potential breeding sites for mosquitos to frequent in your garden.”

Areas in the garden for laying eggs typically include tree holes, leaves, tunnels created by animals, drains, discarded tires, birdbaths, septic tanks and plastic food packaging.

This is why the first thing Britons should do to deter mosquitos is to get rid of their potential nests.

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John said: “It is important to eliminate potential breeding spots from your garden by removing any freestanding water such as birdbaths or decorative water features.”

Mosquitos normally lay their eggs on water fountains, ponds or other decorative features around the garden.

However, the pest expert warned that “any fly-away litter in your garden” can be a potential breeding spot and it is essential to “pick them up regularly to avoid it collecting rainwater”.

It is also advised to clean the gutters regularly to allow water to flow from the roof properly, denying the mosquitos a chance to create a place to lay eggs.


John explained that if your garden is home to a pond, “removing freestanding water won’t be so easy, but eliminating the reproduction of mosquitos can be”.

He recommended simply introducing fish species such as guppies, koi carp and catfish that will feed on the mosquito larvae.

“Alternatively, add mosquito pellets into your pond to eliminate the pest before they age enough to bite,” he said.

If removing water features or adding fish species to the pond is not possible, there is another effective way to repel mosquitos in the summer months.

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“During summer evenings in the garden, light citronella candles,” John recommended.

“Not only do they give off a pleasant grassy and floral smell they are also known to repel biting insects that thrive during dusk.”

Citronella candles can be bought on Amazon for just £2 but according to TikTok user @krolitan, planting citronella around the garden is also effective.

She explained having citronella plants around the house is “very effective and smells delicious! It can be placed in the sun but make sure you water it every day. It can also be placed in the shade and it works too”.

Pest expert John Stewart shared the third hack to get rid of mosquitos: installing a mosquito trap in your home or garden.

He explained: “A mosquito trap can also do the trick of warning off female mosquitos.

“The traps can be filled with water, which tricks the females into thinking they have found a place to lay their eggs.

“This method then traps the eggs and mosquito under a protective sticky screen allowing you to have a bite-free summer evening in the garden.”

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