Vladimir Putin dealt major blow as US coordinates arming and training Ukrainians

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been handed a major blow after it was revealed that the United States had started working to form a new command which will coordinate the arming and training of Ukrainians. According to two officials, the move will streamline what has otherwise been an ad hoc process following Moscow’s invasion of the ex-Soviet state in February.

US European Command commander General Christopher Cavoli is poised to take on the group and it will likely be based at Wiesbaden in Germany, CNN has claimed.

However, the Pentagon is reportedly being coy about how it discusses the plans.

Officials have attempted to emphasise that the move is not a major change to the current system of organising and administering shipments.

They also are hesitant about giving the Kremlin any reason to claim US involvement was party to conflict.

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Joe Biden’s administration in Washington has signalled it will continue to provide support to Kyiv.

The Pentagon even announced another $1.1billion in military aid to Ukraine earlier this week.

One senior defence official called the move a “multiyear investment”.

The US has helped provide more than $16billion in security assistance to the ex-Soviet state since Russia launched its invasion in February.

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