'Wants to imitate Winston Churchill!' Seething caller erupts at Boris demanding 'he go!'

An irate caller stated that Boris Johnson has taken Britain as far as he can but now is the right time for a fresh start as a number of issues will never be resolved with him in power. Theresa from Chislehurst took aim at the Prime Minister, claiming that he is a Winston Churchill wannabe as all he is after is his moments of personal glory. Theresa insisted that Mr Johnson is now after individual accolades and being compared to Mr Churchill as she held out hope for an extensive overhaul of personnel in Downing Street.

She told LBC host Nick Ferrari that “nothing” will change for the better as long as Mr Johnson is calling Britain’s shots.

She said: “I am incensed! Boris Johnson has to go.

“Without a new premiership, nothing’s gonna happen with the cost of living, the rise of fuel none of that.

“He’s over a new cringe day for his Winston Churchill moment!”

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Theresa admitted that she cannot identify herself with him and everything she stands for.

She added: “What Boris Johnson about is me, myself and I?”

But a baffled Mr Ferrari doubted that bringing in a new Prime Minister would address any of the issues the woman mentioned.

He asked: “How would a new Prime Minister solve the problems of increasing prices and the other issues mentioned?”

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He said: “But how does that dishonesty mean inflation has increased?”

Theresa raised the tone of her voice: “It doesn’t, you mistake what I am saying!”

Mr Ferrari gave an ironic response to her comments, saying: ” Sorry it’s my fault, I am sure”.

Theresa continued:  “That’s fine, that’s fine!

“What I am saying here is what Boris Johnson is interested in at this present moment in time is saving his own skin!

“He is not focussing on anything else and that is what will continue.

“He is after his after his Winston Churchill moment today in Ukraine and there’s no mention of fuel poverty in this country at all.”

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