'Wash their hands of it!' David Miliband in furious outburst at UK over Afghanistan crisis

The president and chief executive officer of the International Rescue Committee David Miliband discussed the effect of having no stable economy running in Afghanistan was currently having on its citizens. The former Labour politician discussed the crisis of labourers being unable to pay staff due to around 80 percent of Afghans not having a bank account. Mr Miliband explained to BBC host Nick Robinson how Western forces “washing their hands” of the country has caused starvation and poverty as Western Governments refuse to interact with the Taliban-led Government.

Mr Miliband said: “But our argument as a humanitarian agency, we’ve got about 2000 staff, international rescue committee on the ground across the country.

“You can’t use the humanitarian aid system when there isn’t an economy, and it’s essential to get that economy going to give Afghan people the chance to feed themselves.”

Mr Robinson said: “I want to pick up your phrase a catastrophe of choice, do you think they know the consequences of what they’re doing?

“Or do you think they took a decision months ago, that they couldn’t, that they wouldn’t support a Taliban Government, and this is the by-product of that decision?”

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Mr Miliband said: “I think it’s the latter, they took a very clear decision that they wanted to wash their hands of it.

“And they didn’t do the sums clearly enough, but the Afghan economy in its pre-Covid state, the formal economy was estimated to be a $20b economy.

Mr Milliband added: “So you can see that the magnitude just doesn’t add up.

“If traders can’t pay day-labourers 80 percent of Afghans have no bank account you can’t run the economy.

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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown wrote in the Mirror about the crisis of Afghans starving due to poverty and lack of economic infrastructure in the country.

Mr Brown wrote; “now a land all but forgotten and our eyes have turned away as the planet’s biggest humanitarian disaster unfolds and people die, many frozen to death.

“Urgently needed aid to pay for food, healthcare, and girls’ schooling is not flowing in anything like the amounts needed even as TV crews, bravely taking on the critical role journalism can play in informing the world, are exposing the scale of the catastrophe.

“Children dying in front of our eyes from starvation or frozen to death, fathers selling their kidneys, mothers selling their babies all in a desperate attempt to feed those still alive.”

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