WATCH anti-Boris group fly plane over football stadium with message for PM 'Boot him out'

A plane was seen flying over Elland Road stadium on Saturday brandishing a banner that read “Boot him out” with a link to an anti-Boris website. The page contains a petition demanding the Prime Minister steps down which they say has been signed almost 80,000 times. Mr Johnson is coming under pressure from opponents on the opposition benches and even among his own ranks to resign following the Partygate scandal and concerns he no longer has the authority to lead the country.

The banner urged people to visit an anti-Boris website with a petition titled “Boris Johnson must be removed from power”.

It read: “Boris Johnson must be removed from office immediately. He has shown himself to be a serial liar whose actions are bringing this country to its knees.”

The plane also made a journey over Old Trafford during Manchester United’s clash against West Ham.

Manchester United beat West Ham 1-0 during Saturday’s afternoon game.

Several other petitions have been set up demanding Mr Johnson steps down following a tumultuous few weeks.

A petition has seen nearly 350,000 people signing it.

It says: “Boris Johnson must resign to enable competent and decisive action against Covid-19.

“He must be immediately replaced by a group of MP’s who, unlike him, value human lives and are prepared to take decisive action based on the best, most successful international practices used in combating the pandemic.

“Politicians who are transparent, accountable and open with the media and willing to admit mistakes and ask for help from other nations.”

Mr Johnson is facing calls to step down after news of Downing Street gatherings during lockdown came to light.

Downing Street staffers were asked if they would like to attend a “bring your own booze” gathering on May 20, 2020 which prompted an inquiry to be launched.

Since the news, further gatherings have come to light as senior civil servant Sue Grey continues her investigation.

Leaving parties were reportedly held for top Downing Street staff which occurred between November 13, 2020, to April 16, 2021.

But it was Christmas parties that initially kicked off the investigations with Mr Johnson’s spokeswoman, Allegra Stratton, resigning after a video emerged of her joking about a December 18 gathering at a mock press conference.

London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey was also pictured at a Conservative Party Christmas gathering where he posed with staff as a buffet could be seen in the foreground.

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Despite the calls to step down, even from some of those within his party, Mr Johnson said he would not make any moves until Sue Grey’s inquiry is made public.

Among his critics include backbencher Caroline Nokes who demanded her party leader move aside so he did not drag other Tories down with him.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston, Ms Nokes said: “But now, regretfully, he looks like a liability, and I think he either goes now or he goes in three years’ time at a general election.

“It is down to the party to decide which way that is going to be, I know my thoughts are he is damaging us now.

“He is damaging the entire Conservative brand for his unwillingness to accept the strictures that other people have lived by.”

Former minister David Davis unleashed at Mr Johnson in the House of Commons and said: “In the name of good god, go.”

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross sparked a cross-border civil war among the Tories after he demanded Mr Johnson step down.

The majority of Scottish Tory MSPs have thrown their support behind Mr Ross but earned the ire of Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who branded Mr Ross as a “lightweight” who never fully supported the Prime Minister. 

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