Watering your garden: Gardeners' World pro says water 'when a lot of the soil is exposed'

Rebecca is a Garden Design student who has appeared on Gardeners’ World. She told Express.co.uk how and when she tackles watering her garden. How and when you water can have a big impact your garden – and the environment.

During the spring months, Rebecca, who shares her gardening insight on @gardenthirtythree advises watering more. However, she says later in the summer Britons can water less.

The Garden Design student said: “We water a few times per week in the spring months when a lot of the soil is exposed and prone to drying out in the sun.”

However, the expert went on: “Once the plants thicken up over the summer, the watering requirement reduces massively.”

She went on: “We are adding an irrigation system to the garden this year to help save some time and also should mean we use less water.”

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What is a garden irrigation system?

There are a number of irrigation systems available for different kinds of gardens, or the different sort of effect you want in your garden.

These systems, once in place, effectively water your garden for you by moving water around your garden in a system of pipes. They can save gardeners a lot of time and also cause them to use a lot less water. This is good for saving money and good for the environment.

Systems often fall into the categories of soak, drip, and spray systems.

Soak systems move through the soil, releasing water into the soil at the root level. This uses 80 percent less water than watering overhead.

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Drip systems are overground systems that strategically drip to targeted plants.

They have the benefit of feedings plants and dehydrating weeds.

Spay systems work similarly to a typical sprinkler.

Due to environmental issues, more and more British gardeners are making an effort to be careful about how much water they use in the garden.

Another gardener was shocked when she changed her tactic for watering her plants and saw them thriving. 

The gardener, August, shares her gardening expertise on her Instagram account @augusts_garden.

She watered her plants less in a bid to garden more sustainably.

She said: “I reduced my watering by 60 percent and I couldn’t quite believe how my plants continued to thrive.

“It was a really great lesson to learn and that’s what I love the most about gardening, it’s a constant learning curve.”

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