'We are in dire straits!' Britons feign outrage over French mustard shortage

When Dijon mustard shortages were first reported earlier this year, the French expressed their turmoil on Twitter, but, currently, social media users from both France and Britain seem to be making light of the situation.

Twitter user @rashmirnaik wrote: “So the #moutarde crisis is real. At the #EdmondFallot factory you can pick up one jar/per person/per day. Attribution of shortage to failure of mustard crops in Canada. #FirstWorldProblems.”

User @mnorgaard commented: “Friends & comrades! We are in dire straits! We have an unforeseen emergency! But remember that ‘United we stand, together we fall’, as Arthur Scargill famously, and lastly, said… in other words: There’s a shortage of Dijon Mustard in France.”

Stéphane Helleringer tweeted: “The mustard shortage is reaching epic proportions in France… extra bland barbecues on the horizon this summer…”

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