‘We voted for control’–Readers torn between upholding Brexit checks and supporting Ukraine

In a poll that ran from 11am on Wednesday, March 9, to 8am on Thursday, March 10, Express.co.uk asked: “Should the UK scrap Brexit border checks to allow Ukraine aid trucks through?”A total of 2,390 people responded, with a lively debate on the topic held in the comments section below the accompanying article.

Overall, voters were largely split, with a small majority of 52 percent (1,240) saying “no” – Brexit border checks should not be scrapped to allow Ukraine aid through. 

A further 46 percent (1,112) of voters said “yes”, they believed the red tape at the border should be removed to allow aid to reach those in need as quickly as possible. 

In addition, 38 people – two percent – said they were just not sure. 

Commenting on the issue, username KatMoi said: “Scrap it..the quicker aid gets to the people the better.”

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And username Wiser1 said: “Anything leaving isn’t a threat to us. Border checks should be on incoming vehicles.”

Others thought border checks should remain to protect the UK, however.

Username MountErebus saying: “No, we voted to have control over our border…that includes customs checks on goods leaving GB.”

Some argued the lorries carrying aid were being held up by border checks from the EU not the UK.

Meanwhile, username BobPage said: “These are the EU’s border checks that are preventing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, just like how EU border checks on the annexed land of Northern Ireland prevents food and vital medicines getting through to our people there.”

There is no evidence to show that the issues are on the EU side of the border, with reports showing it is the UK exit bureaucracy causing the delays

Charity workers have said five tonnes of donations destined for Ukraine are still in the UK due to confusion over Brexit bureaucracy.

The UN says the demand for aid in Ukraine is “growing at an alarming pace” with figures on Monday showing 12 million people in need after Russia’s invasion.

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