Weed killer: Why baking soda is the ideal product to banish weeds cheaply – how to use it

Baking soda is more affordable than commercial weed killer

One of the main benefits of using commercial weed killers is that many varieties are selective herbicides, meaning that they are unable to kill-off grass and other plants when used on a large area.

While this is a clear advantage, you are unlikely to find a good multi-use product for under £10 and you’ll have to head in-store to make the purchase.

On the cost front, baking soda is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing between the two products, costing as little as 95p for a 500g tub on Amazon.

Just one tub of baking soda could last you weeks too, so you’ll have to look no further than your kitchen cupboard for an effective weed-killing solution.

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