'What a goal!' Sir Ian McKellen brands footballer Jake Daniels a ‘hero’ after coming out

“We’ve got to remember that this guy is only 17, he’s only turned professional this season.

“It’s an awful lot of weight on his shoulders and I hope he has the right support around him from teammates, which it sounds like he absolutely has, the management structure of Blackpool, and the wider football community as well.”

His words came after Jake chose to share his sexuality with the world in a statement given on Sky Sports.

“It’s been quite a crazy year,” he announced, before reeling off his recent achievements with pride.

“I’m 17, I’ve signed a professional contract, I’ve scored 30 goals this season and I’ve just made my first-team debut in the Championship,” he continued, before adding: “And now I have decided to come out.”

It seems as though things are going well so far, as he revealed jubilantly: “Now it’s out, and people know. Now I can just live my life how I want to and you know what? It’s been incredible.”

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