What a waste! 3.5m UK vaccines ‘to be binned’ despite Pfizer shelf-life extension

The warning comes from the Health Service Journal, who say they have been informed that “several million doses” are set to expire.

These are said to be “sitting in fridges” across England and will likely be thrown away if unused.

This is despite they expiry date already being extended.

This is a breaking story. More to follow.

In December, UK health chiefs extended the shelf life of Pfizer’s Covid jabs over fears millions of injections would have to be binned.

NHS bosses were given permission to push back the expiry date of 20 batches of Pfizer’s vaccines by two weeks.

The batches — which are transported and stored in ultra-cold freezers — can now be kept in fridges for 45 days after they are thawed.

Previously they were no longer deemed usable after 31 days.

But both the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and Pfizer said the extension does not affect the ‘safety, quality or efficacy of the jabs.

At the time, a source told the i newspaper that there are worries about wasting doses.

The unnamed source said: “You plan for a certain number of people to come forward, and if they don’t you have a problem.”

A source told the HSJ that No10’s booster drive led to vaccines being pushed out across the country “irrespective of whether regions wanted it”.

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