'What an absolute waste!' Top Gear fans slam BBC as presenters' cars scrapped

In the latest episode of Top Gear, Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris were on a mission to find second-hand cars for under £500. The trio then took the vehicles for a spin around a scrapyard before crushing them. However, the conclusion of the challenge left BBC viewers hitting out at the show.

@Sweetwoo tweeted: “So what was the point in the cheap cars going around an assault course, like who’s serious going too use them there. £364 seems like an unusual price for any car tbh. 

“And why actually scrap them, getting them crushed ultimately. What an absolute waste of good cars. #TopGear.”

@laura_alice24 added: “‘Used car prices are skyrocketing, so we bought a few for £500 a pop, spent a few hours driving round a scrap yard and then crushed them for fun’ #topgear.”

“Just channel surfing and caught @BBC_TopGear crush a Mazda 323f, what a waste, that car could have kept other finer examples stay on the road. Remember why I stopped watching now, old crew wouldn’t have done that. #mazda #323f #deadshow,” @its_kyle256 wrote.

@His_Lordships said: “#TopGear Those cars didn’t look scrap ready to me…..”

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