What happened to Max Thieriot character’s leg on SEAL Team? Clay’s plot twist explained

With Thieriot’s reduced role in SEAL Team, he is now able to lead on the forthcoming drama series following a group of convicts working as firefighters in the hopes of getting a reduced sentence.

Fire Country has been produced by Hollywood legend Jerry Bruckheimer and promises action and drama.

Thieriot was able to balance his commitments to both SEAL Team and Fire Country with the actor now appearing in the shows, which will be on at the same time.

The actor shared a photo from Fire Country on Instagram with his 567,000 followers, saying: “Still feels like this is all just a dream. October 7th it’s going down!!!! @firecountrycbs Friday nights! Can’t wait! #firecountry.”

SEAL Team season 6 airs on Sundays on Paramount+ in America and a UK release date is yet to be announced

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